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General Manager of Freshi Ice Sticks, Mr. Tarik AlwashFreshi Ice Sticks is Gelato on Stick and Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, made by hand, made with less butterfat and sugar and—unlike most commercial ice creams—its consumed just a few days after it’s made. It’s an ice cream alternative that health-conscious. Read more about Freshi History.

It revolutionizes the ice cream-on-a stick market, by combining artisanal production methods with the freshest and all-natural ingredients.


“The minute a customer walks into (a store), we want immediate impact. Choosing from a wide array of over 30 gelatos on stick, we want to give ice cream lovers something unique and something that’s a healthy alternative,” says Mr. Alwash. “We feel that the market is looking for a novel ice cream concept by offering all-natural Italian ingredients on a stick. It’s not an ordinary ice cream that you can buy off the shelf.”


Freshi Ice Sticks offers over 30 base flavors. Regular flavors & Premium flavors


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